Canadian Armenian Contemporary Arts Council

Welcome to the Canadian Armenian Contemporary Arts Council (CACACT), proudly situated within the vibrant cultural hub of Toronto's Armenian Community Centre. Here at CACACT, we are deeply committed to enriching the artistic landscape and fostering the creative growth of our community.

About Us

Founded in 1979 by visionary Armenian artists in Toronto, our council serves as a beacon for artistic expression and cultural exchange. Our mission is clear: to enhance the artistic development of youth, promote emerging Canadian Armenian artists, and provide a nurturing environment for artistic exploration and growth.

At the heart of our organization lies the Arshill Gorky Art Gallery and the Tania Nakhnikian Art School, where we strive to cultivate a love for the arts among our members. Through engaging exhibitions and interactive workshops, we aim to expose young minds to the beauty of paintings and sculptures, encouraging them to explore their own creativity and talents.

Our commitment to supporting emerging artists is unwavering. Over the years, we have showcased the works of both established Armenian artists and budding talents, providing them with a platform to exhibit their creations and further their development. Through our exhibitions and promotional efforts, we seek to uplift and celebrate the rich diversity of artistic expression within our community.

Central to our mission is our dedication to education and mentorship. Through our weekly art workshops, attended by 30 eager art students each season, we provide hands-on training and guidance under the supervision of experienced artists and teachers. These workshops not only hone technical skills but also instill a sense of confidence and passion for the arts in our participants.

Operating as a registered non-profit organization, CACACT remains steadfast in its commitment to fostering creativity and cultural appreciation. With over 100 art exhibitions under our belt and a decade-long tradition of offering weekly art workshops, we continue to make a meaningful impact on the artistic landscape of Toronto and beyond.

We invite you to join us on this enriching journey of artistic discovery and community building. Whether you're a seasoned artist, a budding talent, or simply an art enthusiast, there's a place for you at CACACT. Come immerse yourself in creativity, connect with like-minded individuals, and be inspired by the vibrant spirit of the Canadian Armenian arts scene.


At CACACT, we envision a vibrant cultural landscape where the transformative power of art enriches lives, bridges communities, and celebrates the diversity of the Armenian diaspora in Canada.


Our mission at CACACT is to cultivate creativity, build connections, and promote cultural exchange through dynamic arts programs and events. By offering engaging workshops, exhibitions, and events, we strive to inspire artistic expression, foster inclusivity, and nurture a thriving arts community in Toronto and beyond.


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Let's create something beautiful together.